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2016 Reports

  • When will I get job?
  • When will I get married?
  • Should I start new venture?
  • Will I ever buy a property or a vehicle?
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  • When shall I get a job?
  • What would be the nature of my next job?
  • Can I change from job to business?
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  • When will I get married?
  • I am facing delays in getting married, how long it will be delayed?
  • Am I so anxious about getting married?
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  • Whether I am inclined to study?
  • Would my academic efforts bear fruit or not?
  • Which stream should I pursue for a better future?
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  • Should I start new venture?
  • Would Partnership help my business improvement?
  • Which one is advisable for me, running a business or job?
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  • What approximate time will I give birth?
  • Why I am facing delays in getting children?
  • How many children will I have?
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Vehicle & Property

  • Will I ever buy a property or a Vehicle?
  • Which location will I buy a property?
  • Will my future car be luxury model or an economy model?
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  • Will I get diabetes after 40 years?
  • If so, when and what disease will it be?
  • Will I ever do surgery for my illness?
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  • Will I ever travel abroad?
  • Will I get a job abroad?
  • In which country will I get a job?
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Prasanna Horam

  • What is Prasanna Horam?
  • How its Work..
  • Number used for this...
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Talk To Astrologer

Speak your heart out! Let our wonderful Astrologers soothe and solve your troubles. No layers – direct answer, instant solutions! Talk to our team of experienced...

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What is Astro ?

Astrology, in its wider term implies the science of Stars and Planets and their effect on human life. The Planets, in the space move at a terrific speed and their motion create a magnetic field in proportion with the earth's motion and this is responsible for any event that is taking place on the earth's motion and the birth time of a human is also an event. All events in a human life is linked to the planetary alignment existing at the moment of birth and co-opts with the motion of planets till its end.

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